In Which I Give Actual Advice For Writers With Lives

I mean, come on. How dare people have an opinion different from what we want? What are they, living beings?

Today, I’ll be plumbing some of my own personal feelings and struggles to talk about something a little harder: Challenges writers face in life. No flowery metaphors, no glib pithy insights to trivialise it, no saccharine “but passion will prevail” nonsense, just what I feel to be the realest emotions and problems writers face when they try to be functioning adults with jobs and social lives.
If you’re going through them, maybe it’ll help to put things in perspective, or to learn you’re not alone. If not, well, hopefully it’ll help prepare you in case it ever happens. So then, ready for some real talk?

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Kayfabe, Bayfabe, and High School Musicals

Also, it has Ashley Tisdale in it, who went on to voice Candace in Phineas and Ferb, and she is the best part of the franchise.

Following up on my point of the Emperor’s New Groove, we’ve seen what I opined to be the height of a story which could have been one big pandering mess and yet became one of the most honest, hilarious tales of all time. Here are some other examples to illustrate what it means to be ‘genuine’ in works.

I realise belatedly that there’s a term for this sort of honesty, of believing in what you’re doing, no matter what you’re doing, no matter how ridiculous the premise: kayfabe, the spirit of pro-wrestling.

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Honest Stories and The Emperor’s New Groove

So like a complete sellout, I am adapting my post titles with this mainstream concept called “comprehension.”

Disclaimer: Stuff belongs to Disney. Duh.

So like a complete sellout, I am adapting my post titles with this mainstream concept called “comprehension.”

Today, I’ll be looking at something which doesn’t quite have a term, though I suppose the best I can think of is the difference between genuine and disingenuous storytelling. Basically when a story feels like it can stand on its own, or if it’s just obvious pandering to a particular trend or idea.

We may have subjective tastes and values, but I think there’s something we can agree on: We can tell if a film is speaking to us, or at us. We can tell if a film is comfortable in its own skin, or trying too hard to be something it’s not.

And to do that, I think I’ll illustrate it with one of my favourite Disney films. It initially started as a conventional adventure, and was DRASTICALLY reinvented from the ground up as something else entirely. That decision was the greatest thing to ever happen in its existence, making it a beloved film to many for just being absolutely awesome.

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Blizzard, Martin, and Light in the Darkness

None of this would be possible without caring about Jon, or Samwell, or Daenerys. Or Hodor.

It’s always darkest before the dawn, as Harvey Dent said. Well, he was more right than you can imagine.

Today, I’m going to be talking about the importance of hope and characters in storytelling and how it’s not just grim darkness which makes a good series. To do that, I’ll be looking at two franchises that seem very different yet are surprisingly similar: Blizzard Entertainment (of Warcraft, StarCraft, and eSports fame) and A Song of Ice and Fire (better known as the Game of Thrones guys).

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The Bionic Raccoon and Space Mall Cop

Those are the moments that are foreshadowed, that form the emotional climax, the payoff and culmination of all that character development and conflict. And THESE…are not those moments.

Disclaimer: All mentioned films belong to their owners, spoilers inbound!

In any movie with some emotional component (yes, even Michael Bay films), there’s always ‘the talk’ where there’s a major revelation, a major resolution. Basically the thing where they either say “This is the problem I am raising at the worst moment!” or “This is the explicit moral of the story I just learned.” Those are the moments that are foreshadowed, that form the emotional climax, the payoff and culmination of all that character development and conflict.

And THESE…are not those moments.

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The Fandom Menace

Even if they weren’t, that wouldn’t stop even two to five especially determined otaku from making a website for the waifu.

Disclaimer: I’ll be honest: Overall, I’ve grown rather jaded with fandoms, so take any of my opinions with a grain of salt. That being said, I’ll still try to give you a fair and balanced account!

If you have spent any amount of time interested in something with mass appeal, be it fiction, sports, cars, My Little Pony, or even medieval-age combat (arming swords for the win, by the way), you’re bound to be familiar with fandoms.

However, what is a fandom? There’s groups for everything, all behaving in very different ways. You’ll hear all sorts of horror stories or awesomeness about them, from the crafty cosplayers making cardboard armour to the folks who wish to wed animated characters of various species, so what exactly are they?

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I, Main Support

This is what happens if you make the world revolve not just around a Main Character, but ONLY when the Main Character is around.

Disclaimer: All mentioned films are the property of Disney and any original owners of the source material. There might be SPOILERS when I describe works.

Made you look at Li Shang’s abs. Or are you reading this straight from the blog? Oh, then in that case, there’s a shirtless Li Shang somewhere in here.

So I was able to watch Moana the other day. Long story short, I didn’t care much for it, thought it wasted a lot of its potential coddling the main character, but it got me thinking about a blog topic. So today, I’m gonna be focusing on a vital component of any story’s development and world-building: The Supporting Cast.

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