Final Week Fables: Sergeant Sinterklaas’s Battle Report

Smashing through the wall in a nine-mount open sleigh, over daemon corpses, laughing all the way.


Well, end of the month, and we made it through a year! So if you’ve been keeping up, you know what that means: Time for a short story!

And this month’s picture inspiration is:

He’s making a list, checking it twice…

Well. I might not be the expert, but it appears to be a holiday special of some kind.

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Character Conflict: Why Don’t You Just Talk It Out?

CHOOSE! DRAMA OR YOUR SON- Oh, you picked your son. OK, then.

Rivalries. Love triangles. Problems which could have been avoided with open, honest communication.

That’s right, gang. Today I’m talking about… (activates VOICE SYNTHESISER)

Interpersonal Character Conflict, Character Conflict


Interpersonal Character Conflict, Character Conflict,

Intergalactic- WAIT I DID THAT WRONG-

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Nightcrawler: BAMF Goes The Elf

He looks like a demon, fights like a rogue, believes like a cleric, charms like a bard, and crusades like a paladin.

As we enter December and approach Christmas, a holiday with holy significance for me, I figured this was a good time to talk about one of my favourite comic characters.

A jolly, jovial fellow who cracks a good joke. An agile wall-crawler who performs daring feats of acrobatics to baffle opponents larger and tougher than he is. Yet for all that, a hero with a strong sense of decency and morals.


And if you think I made a mistake describing Spider-Man, YOU’RE WRONG. FOR I WASN’T DESCRIBING SPIDER-MAN.

For he is Nightcrawler. And he is the true BAMF.

A Bad Ass Mother…Friend. Because flirting aside, he’s the Fun Guy Mum Friend to contrast with Colossus being the Good Boy Mum Friend.

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Final Week Fables: Where The Road Leads

“I have…questions…about the gods.”
“Don’t we all.”

Welcome to this month’s story!

So for the past month or so, I’ve been playing in an online D&D group with a friend, finally fulfilling my dream of being a paladin. With that in mind, this month’s story will be based on that. Made more for the players of the game, but hopefully it’ll be good enough for anybody who happens across this!

So, what, pray tell, is the image I am using to frame my character’s story? What IS my character’s story?


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Bosses: Commissioning Commanding Editors-in-Chief

Like any good complication in a story, they take things from “This can be easily done” to “We have a problem”.

So what do the Mayor of Townsville, J. Jonah Jameson, and King Arthur have in common?

…No, the answer is NOT facial hair!

It’s that they legally command the services of some of the most terrifying weapons of mass destruction in their world!

Besides, ever since that anime made King Arthur a girl in their lore, facial hair is not a sure thing. Unless you’re talking dwarf women (sometimes).

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Likability: Rating Character Approval

The audience can relate to them, meaning they see some of themselves in them: “Oh yes, I ALSO eat food in order to not die!”

Hey guys! I made the best character ever!

They’ve got a heart-wrenching, tragic backstory to make them morally complex, yet they are also relatable and always make the right choices!

Everyone that matters loves them and everyone that doesn’t is proven wrong as a mean stupid-head!

I gave them all the best lines and quotes, and the world comes to a halt unless they’re around!

…What do you mean YOU DON’T LIKE THEM? I just TOLD you to like them! What’s the deal with THAT?

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Final Week Fables: Snowy Wings

Such Gryph. Much wing. So claw. Wow.

It’s that time of the month! So take a break from whatever politics, how-tos, motivationals, and whatever posts you normally read on the weekend, and stay awhile for a Final Week Fable, where I take a pic I found and write something about it!

And what is THIS week’s piece going to be based on?

Snowy Gryphon.jpg
Such Gryph. Much wing. So claw. Wow.

Ah yes. Hello, gryphon, my old friend. My favourite of the fantasy creatures.

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