Fabletop Classes: It’s A Bard Knock Life

This character puts the “role” and “play” in “roleplaying”.


Come hither my friends and lo, hear my story,

Of the minstrel who went in search of his glory,

A jolly rapscallion who lived for such fun,

With rapier wit always on the run,

He’d ridicule others for their looks or their stench,

Then o’er at yon tavern he’d hit on a w…oman as a respected equal with her own goals and dreams.

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Writing Blogs: Behind The Screen

Find the balance which makes YOUR life meaningful.

So, my readership which can be counted on one hand (maybe two!) is used to me posting week after week, talking about writing and stuff.

But do people actually know how I write stuff? How the blog sausage is made?

…People don’t want to know how sausages are made?

…And nobody is actually interested in my production process?

…Whatever, I’m still talking about it!

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The Write Stuff: Year Two

And in all that, I didn’t stop writing in my blog week after week.

So here we are, 2 years or so since I first started out.

2018 draws to a close. We’ve had a democratic victory in my home country, the passing of Stan Lee, and if I am to believe what I hear, the first genuinely good live-action Transformers movie, and Aquaman of all heroes representing the first fun DCEU movie. What a time to be alive.

So…How am I doing?

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Fabletop: The Loot Of All Evil

That being said, you probably shouldn’t troll your players by making “friendship” the final reward.

What moves adventurers?

A rich backstory?

A thirst to prove themselves, to explore?

A righteous cause?

It’s loot.

Or…something shiny that will either buy them many nice things or help them kill stuff better.

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Character Conflict: Why Don’t You Just Talk It Out?

CHOOSE! DRAMA OR YOUR SON- Oh, you picked your son. OK, then.

Rivalries. Love triangles. Problems which could have been avoided with open, honest communication.

That’s right, gang. Today I’m talking about… (activates VOICE SYNTHESISER)

Interpersonal Character Conflict, Character Conflict


Interpersonal Character Conflict, Character Conflict,

Intergalactic- WAIT I DID THAT WRONG-

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Nightcrawler: BAMF Goes The Elf

He looks like a demon, fights like a rogue, believes like a cleric, charms like a bard, and crusades like a paladin.

As we enter December and approach Christmas, a holiday with holy significance for me, I figured this was a good time to talk about one of my favourite comic characters.

A jolly, jovial fellow who cracks a good joke. An agile wall-crawler who performs daring feats of acrobatics to baffle opponents larger and tougher than he is. Yet for all that, a hero with a strong sense of decency and morals.


And if you think I made a mistake describing Spider-Man, YOU’RE WRONG. FOR I WASN’T DESCRIBING SPIDER-MAN.

For he is Nightcrawler. And he is the true BAMF.

A Bad Ass Mother…Friend. Because flirting aside, he’s the Fun Guy Mum Friend to contrast with Colossus being the Good Boy Mum Friend.

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Fabletop: Beast Encounters Of The Nerd Kind

We Don’t Have To Fight. Let’s Do, Though!

Welcome to the very first level, young adventurers! To get you started, let’s pit you against a monster perfect for learning the basics: TIAMAT!

Oh, it’s one of THOSE campaigns.

Because the first thing you need to learn is that you are all DOOMED!

…What do you mean this isn’t appropriate for your levels?

…Well, how would YOU suggest we plan this encounter, then?

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