Final Week Fables: Sergeant Sinterklaas’s Battle Report

Smashing through the wall in a nine-mount open sleigh, over daemon corpses, laughing all the way.


Well, end of the month, and we made it through a year! So if you’ve been keeping up, you know what that means: Time for a short story!

And this month’s picture inspiration is:

He’s making a list, checking it twice…

Well. I might not be the expert, but it appears to be a holiday special of some kind.

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Fabletop Classes: Paladins, O Holy Knights

Also, Homing Missile of Righteous Retribution sounds like an amazing magic item or spell.

‘Twas the week nearing Christmas, and all ‘cross the blog

Was stillness and silence like a dead driftwood log

And the writer did ponder on what he should say

In order to welcome this year’s Christmas day

When inspiration struck like a singing weevil

The zealot that bellows “Smite Evil!”

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The Sooner-Than-Expected Christmas Special About Christmas Specials

Also, Superman still believes in Santa Claus.

So, our first proper post after the intro, and it’s a Christmas Special! Guess this would have more meaning if I’d done this for longer, huh? Eh. Anyway.

Christmas Specials! From the trite to the true, these are a fixture in our minds. Christmas movies, movies set during Christmas, movies which become Christmas traditions, special episodes about Christmas, you get the idea.

So, Christmas Specials (or the in-universe equivalent) are obviously specials that involve Christmas in some way. You might think that would make them pretty identical, but there’s a surprising amount of variety in the situations characters get into.

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