Final Week Fables: Mountains Bow Down

Seeing them, I don’t feel as if they’re too big. I feel as if the world is too small. And we are insects beneath their feet.


Ohhhh boy. Another of those weeks where I decide to get writing my monthly short story on FRIDAY. And that lack of inspiration stretched into Saturday night. Well, let’s see what I produced, starting with the image I’m using as inspiration:

Ugh. Not MORE salesmen.

Alrighty, then, my few followers and random people on the internet who seem interested! Let’s have a look see, shall we?

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Final Week Fables: A Tall Tale

The volume of even his inside voice bowled over a handful of the small barefoot things. The stench of his breath knocked out a few more.

This week, I was uninspired in my free time and busy in my work time. I really felt like I didn’t want to do any writing when I reached the weekend.

So, did I take my own advice and take a break, or did I stubbornly push myself past the point of reason to essentially write one short story in one night?

Shoulda taken that left turn at Albuquerque.

Well, why don’t you read it and decide for yourself how closely I took my own advice.

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Final Week Fables: Bookwyrm

“You’re…kind of a prideful wanker, aren’t you?”
“I’m a very large dragon with a very large library. I’ve earned it.”

And we’re back with this month’s short story! Because yes, The Write Stuff also sometimes writes stuff. It’s almost as if the name was picked deliberately!

So, the image which inspired this week’s story is:

Dragon Librarian.jpg
No, YOU tell him our books are overdue.

And as you can obviously see, credit for the picture belongs to Lindsey Burcar!

Yes, I am aware that a dragon is four-legged with wings, a wyvern is two-legged and uses its wings as forearms, and wyrms are essentially giant snakes. BUT I MUST ALWAYS HAVE A PUNNY TITLE. THAT WAS THE WHOLE POINT OF THIS BLOG.

So come, stay awhile and listen! …OK, read with your eyes, because you are viewing this online and using a different set of senses. Unless, of course, you transcribe this and convert it to text-to-speech…

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Final Week Fables: Does It Make A Sound?

“I was created with the ability to find humour at the expense of others. Personally, I find it quite fulfilling.”

Had a bunch of medium-to-big jobs, so took me longer to get over writer’s block. But here I am with another monthly short story! And the picture inspiring this yarn is:

Fey Guide.jpg

Contrary to all indications, the jolly green giant above does not mean that this is a Shrek fanfiction.

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Final Week Fables: Snowy Wings

Such Gryph. Much wing. So claw. Wow.

It’s that time of the month! So take a break from whatever politics, how-tos, motivationals, and whatever posts you normally read on the weekend, and stay awhile for a Final Week Fable, where I take a pic I found and write something about it!

And what is THIS week’s piece going to be based on?

Snowy Gryphon.jpg
Such Gryph. Much wing. So claw. Wow.

Ah yes. Hello, gryphon, my old friend. My favourite of the fantasy creatures.

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Final Week Fables: Curseday Blues

If an adventurer comes around and actually fixes this, I wonder if they’ll expect my hand in marriage.

It’s that time of the month! When I actually sit down and bring myself to write a short story based on a picture I’ve got lying about!

And speaking of lying about, today’s image is:

Not this shit again.

…And I’m making a COMEDY out of it? What??? Bet you’re REAL curious, huh??? …Oh, you’re not? Well, read it anyway, I’m begging you!

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Setting Norms: Mundane Fantasy

The norm always applies no matter how preposterous the setting, like “what if people’s farts were visible.”

Miracles. Fantastic happenings. World building. All part and parcel of creating a story’s world.

But why is it that in one setting, the ability to produce a spark of flame is a magical miracle, while in another, you have people routinely teleporting to different planets for a small fee?

Aside from the fact that the author wrote it that way, of course.

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