Just Write: Month 3.5

To me, it’s alright to just acknowledge “You know what? It was a tough week. I could use a break.”


No, your eyes are not deceiving you, this is indeed another report on my progress for my personal writing to make use of a month with 5 weekends. Do not feel alarmed, my regularly scheduled RPG post will return next week.

…Nobody was alarmed because nobody reads?

…And anybody who happens to be looking at this will likely have no idea of my post schedule?

…Well, whatever!

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Just Write: Month 2

Happiness feels GOOD. Anyone saying otherwise is either lying, deluded, or tragically broken.

Well, it’s that time of the month again! …Uh, for the second time.

When I, an aspiring writer, instead of blogging about assorted nerd stuff, actually WRITE for MY OWN STUFF!

…And then report about it to complete strangers on the internet!

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Real Talk: Writing To Get Paid

If you are striving to be a responsible adult, that is ALREADY A HEROIC STRUGGLE and good job making it this far.

Every writer dreams of making their art reality for all the world to see. They also dream that the art will be well-received and beloved.

And everyone, not just artists, dreams of getting paid to do what they love.

But to get paid, you need to work. To work, you need marketable skills which the job market wants.

…So…how can we put that Master’s Degree in English Literature and our five Dynasty Warriors fanfictions to work?

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