Just Write: Month 31, Week 2

Will he have a burst of productivity to write more THIS week? Ehhhhhhhhh.

An update!

A late update. But I have an excuse!

I am lazy and enjoy my weekend.

Not a good excuse, but it is the truth!

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Just Write: Month 31, Week 1

Getting stronger to bear them better is important, but so is being able to ask for help or take five.

Well, it’s a late update! Largely because I was relaxing and enjoying a slow pace. But thankfully, work is under control so far, and I hope the rest of you random readers are well.

So how much writing did I get done?

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Character Flaws: A Flawed Premise?

Yes. I am equating character flaws to an emo phase.

Super late update again! Mostly because I was just stuck in relaxing mode, and didn’t have much inspiration for a monthly topic. But I DID have an idea stuck in my head which I drafted, so let’s run with that!

And for this post, I’ll be presenting a controversial opinion. A hot take, if you will.

And that is: You don’t need character flaws to make a character interesting.

There. I said it.

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Just Write: Month 30, Week 3

…Well. Now to figure out what to say THIS week with my “once a month actual content” post.

Late update! But I have an excuse!


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Just Write: Month 30, Week 2

As for writing? Well, this is where it gets a little odd.

Well, kinda late, but hopefully not AS late as before!

Ooo boy, this one is kinda, eh, odd. There is no way I can detect a trend here, much like there’s no way I can detect a trend when my site gets like 13 hits in one day out of the blue.

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Just Write: Month 30, Week 1

We’ve got many things in it, and each of these things will call for our attention, focus, and effort.

Oh hey, it’s a late update! Suuuuper late!

For not much, really.

But hey, you’re here!

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Ret’s Review: Masters of the Universe: Revelations

Yes, they essentially made Scrappy Doo a tragic optimist.

In semi-timely fashion (by which I mean over a week later), I am giving my opinion about something…RECENT!

But does THIS show have the power?


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Just Write: Month 29, Week 3

Well, well!

It’s a slightly LESS late update on how much I got written over last week!

I’d be surprised if people are still reading these after I announced that this is my new blogging format, but hey. Half the time, we follow content for a personality, right?

Which means I must have a pretty swell personality, right?



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Just Write: Month 29, Week 2

Though coming up with a world is one thing. The challenge is representing it visually.

So, a late update! Does that mean I got anything done?

Well, yes. No. It’s complicated. By which I mean it’s not.


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