Just Write: Month 24, Week 3

This world’s large enough. You don’t have to take on all its problems for yourself.

A late update with very little to show for it.

But at least I’m having fun! How are you, lovely people on the internet?

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Just Write: Month 24, Week 2, and CRITICAL ROLE POLITICS!

Alright. That’s my position: Critical Role, why not speak up for Hong Kong?

Nope, no ‘publishable’ progress. I’m taking it easy with fanfiction, folks!

Also, I express OPINIONS!

…What do you mean nobody reads this blog for OPINIONS?

I know what I’ll do! I’ll use a CLICKBAIT TITLE!




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Just Write: Month 24, Week 1

Another week, and I’m just doing the best that I can. But hey, I’m happy to be doing that!

And we’re back to me taking it easy with my personal writing!

(reviews progress) Ooo, that’s a lot of progress!

…That I can’t monetise! …Or CAN I?

…Well, no, I can’t.

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Old Gods: Personalities of the Cults

Throw in gods whose very farts are the building blocks of reality.

In the darkest depths of the cosmos, within the undreamed dreams of those that were never born, laughing without mouths on a four-sided triangle which is slightly askew, they lie in wait like wasabi on a cinnamon roll.

They are inevitable. They are incomprehensible. They are inconceivable.

And somehow, they’re super popular. Check out all the people on board with their cults! AND their loyalty programmes! Sacrifice 10 left-handed gibbons and you get PLATINUM Insanity!

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Just Write: Month 23, Week 3

Once again, I am writing at the very end of the weekend, having enjoyed it to my liking.

And once again, the answer to whether I got any writing done is: Yes and no.

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Just Write: Month 23, Week 2

There’s plenty more things out there to have existential crises over!

Oh hey, a late update of the writing I got done last week!

So…did I get any done?

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Just Write: Month 23, Week…1?

If you can say that you’re better than you were in the past, that’s good.

And welcome back to 2021! Wow, I take a break for the first weekend of the year and look what happens.

No, none of it happened because of me. But look at what happened!

But hey. Life is life. And writing is writing. Who’s ready to get back into reading me talking about writing…and stuff?

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The Write Stuff: Year Four

In short, I’m finally taking my own advice of “You don’t have to spend EVERY WEEK writing a detailed post”.

Oh hey, it’s the year-end review for my blog!

Even though it’s not the end of the year.

Heck, I don’t expect to be noticed much. But then again, according to WordPress’s tracker, some of my posts where I basically said “I didn’t get much writing done, here are my thoughts and feelings” were unusually and unexpectedly popular.

Will it happen THIS time? Ehhhh, probably not, but we’ll see!

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Final Week Fables: Oathkeeper

“Therein lies the difference between a tragedy and a waste.”

Missed an update for last week because I was taking it easy on the weekend and getting by in work and practice for things. Hope everyone’s doing OK!

But yes, monthly short story time! And what’s the image for this month? Or…last month, I suppose?

I would like to insightfully fight the desert.

Oh boy. Here we go.

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Just Write: Month 22, Week 1

So in short, it’s kind of like a chapter somewhere in the middle of a story

So I write this, once again, at the very end of my weekend. My usual writing report on something which isn’t even truly the intended final product.

But DID I get any writing done?

Weeeeell, yes and no.

…What do you mean I’ve given that advice before?

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