Just Write: Month 19, Week 1

Of course, it’s possible that after I’m done learning how to do it, I’ll pay someone to do it for me.

Well, it’s super late, but here I am with an update!

…Of my attempts at personal writing, in case you forgot.

So what DID I get done?

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Final Battles: Showdown Throwdown

It could be a fight to kill an evil god, or the fat goblin overlord at the end of your first dungeon.



Gee, I wonder what THIS post could possibly be about?

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Final Week Fables: Eye For An Eye

“An eye for an eye…leaves the whole world blind.”

It’s that time of the month when I write a short story!

And what’s today’s image?

D&D is all fun and games until someone loses an eye.

Funny thing, though. Normally, I pick a picture and write something based on it. This time? I had the story in mind and looked for an image that could represent it.

Now let’s get ready to rumble!

Disclaimer: The characters appearing here are the property of Wizards of the Coast. I do not own Gruumsh, Corellon, Moradin, or any of the other gods or races appearing in this story. This piece of fanfiction was made for purely artistic purposes with no intention to profit off their intellectual property.

OTHER Disclaimer: The views and perspectives found in this story are only held by the fictional individuals expressing them for the purposes of drama and conflict resolution, because it is the writer’s job to portray perspectives other than their own. However, these views and their development are also influenced by the writer because they had to come from and go to somewhere. Nevertheless, neither of them are meant to be taken as absolutely correct or absolutely wrong in the context of real life.

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Just Write: Month 18, Week 2

In other words: I procrastinated on the thing I am doing to procrastinate.

Well, I got this post done promptly! Surely that means I got some writing done?

…What do I mean yes and no?

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Just Write: Month 18, Week 1

Know thyself. Treat thyself. Love thyself.

I’m very late with this. SURELY that means I wrote a lot?


But if you would somehow like to read how much I wrote and what I got up to, by all means! Read on!

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Fabletop Re-Review: Critical Role, Crit Harder

tl;dr: They’re basically the Keanu Reeves of D&D.

Welcome to (a review of) Critical Role, the show where a bunch of nerdy-ass voice actors play Dungeons and Dragons!

…Yes, I already talked about it. No, this is not a rerun!

It’s worse: It’s a clip show retrospective.

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Final Week Fables: Ironfoot

Focus. My will is stone and iron. And I will not fail.

VERY late. But I got it done! Eventually. So what’s the image for June’s short story?

Be vewy vewy quiet…

Oooo. Spooky.

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Just Write: Month 17, Week 2

Some things we love to create less than others, but hey. Lore is lore!

Another Sunday night last minute update! For something nobody reads!

So…what’d I get up to?

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Just Write: Month 17, Week 1

And more to the point: I’ve been enjoying the weekend. Like it was meant to be!

It’s Sunday night. I’m late. Surely I have a good reason for this?

…Well, I do have a reason.

Never said it was a good one, though!

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Motive Force: What’s My Motivation?

Without a destination, a map is just a map.

Welcome to the first of a new series, where I talk about CHARACTER MOTIVATIONS!

It is much like all the other series I have but seldom update!

On top of having a more relaxed schedule for writing actual content!

Surely this will go SWIMMINGLY!

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