Just Write: Month 28, Week 3

You have entered the fun zone.

Late update! Aaaaand there are various reasons for that, none of them new!

But hey, welcome back, if you’re here to hear about how I’m trying to write, good for you!

Or could it be that you…like me…?

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Just Write: Month 28, Week 2

And they seemed to enjoy me trying to kill them while I talk to myself in like 4 different voices.

Oh hey, I’m back with a writing update like always! …Usually!

And I am feeling it this week, Mr. Krabs!

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Just Write: Month 28, Week 1

Hopefully their next campaign will feel less like an edgy teenager’s first morally ambiguous fanfiction.

Well, it’s a late update, so surely I’ve…not got a lot done, right?

Wait, that’s not how it’s supposed to go for a teaser.

Even if it IS the truth.

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Fictional Real Countries: Made Up Monarchy

Now Americans can be put on a no-fly list for make-believe nations, too!


Where we’re going, we won’t need…passports.

Because they’re not real places.

Also, we’re in the middle of a pandemic.

And we’re online, so you’re reading a random blogger’s post explaining a trope.

Hey, I’ll take all the clicks I can get, whatever the reason!

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Just Write: Month 27, Week 4

I’d still love to publish my own story and help create its animated and video game adaptations, though.

Well, it’s a super late update, but an update nonetheless!

Cases are going up here. I hope everyone is staying safe in their respective quarantines and helping to flatten the curve. Keep yourselves healthy, and take care of your loved ones.

That being said, I know why I’m here. But if you want to join in for my self-report, go right ahead!

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Just Write: Month 27, Week 3

Don’t let one slow day distract you from the progress you’ve made. And don’t let progress be the sum total of who you are.

So it has come to this. Another late update!

…Is there anything to update?


No, I’m not gonna do that, it’s yet another minor update and some blogging. But hey, you’re welcome to take a look at my thoughts!

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Just Write: Month 27, Week 2

I made something that made me and someone else happy.

Oh hey, another writing update, and it seems that it’s slightly less late!

Does that mean I got more or less writing done?

Weeeeeell, you be the judge of that. I DID get writing done, though!

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Just Write: Month 27, Week 1

Whether it’s our loved ones or our weekend hobbies, I hope you’ve got something worth living for.

Yep. A late update. Mostly because I was procrastinating and actually enjoying the weekend.

There’s been quite a few stuff going on, but if you took the time to read my little journal entries, and actually click to read a meaningless writing update, thanks!

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Final Week Fables: Giantrification

The very nice plot of land, being an inanimate piece of geography, was powerless to protest.

Neeeeaaaaarly late with this, mostly because I was relaxing this weekend. But here we are with a short story, folks! And the inspiring image is:

Sim Kingdom

Alrighty, let’s see what we’ve got here!

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Just Write: Month 26, Week 3

As long as you’re ultimately moving forward, the time and effort you spend won’t be wasted.

Whoops, a late update! But is there an update?

Kind of, yeah!

By which I mean more fanfiction writing.

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