Just Write: Month 8.5

Kind of like the assorted Appendices and such Tolkien wrote to describe his multitude of kingdoms and the creation of his world.


Another week comes! Or rather, ends because I gave myself more of the weekend to write.

I’m doing OK in work, my one-shot I mentioned went great, and I believe I might be part of two new online RPG groups. So how’d the writing go?

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Just Write: Month 8

Well, it’s that time of the month! Time for another writing report!

Work’s been pretty busy with quite a few things but I got through them. So, how much did this writer ACTUALLY write?

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Suspension of Disbelief: Real In Your Expectations

ALL stories ask you to suspend your disbelief in SOME way, because ALL stories ask you to ACCEPT them.

What’s one of the most iconic phrases you can find in the world of writing and stories?

No, it’s not “check your privilege“. Or “deus ex machina”. Or “what a twist”. Or “NOOOOOOO NOT THE BEEEEEEEEEEEES”.

It’s “suspension of disbelief”! And it’s one of those “jargon phrases we won’t recognise when we hear it but we actually use it every day” kinds of phrases!

No, I have no data to back up how it’s iconic. You’re just going to have to suspend your disbelief and accept my premise.

Alright, you don’t actually have to accept my premise, but I’m still gonna talk about it!

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Final Week Fables: Weregild

“What you might do, will do, or promise to do
are not the same as what you did.”

Got through a bunch of work that’s been streaming in steadily for the past week or so. And yet somehow, I got this done! So what’s this week’s image?

Much chains. Such wolf. Wow.


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Fabletop Classes: Warlock & Role

What kind of person would sign a contract written by a guy like Asmodeus?

I call upon the flames of Asmodeus! The powers of the Nine Hells! The embers of my unbridled lust for UNLIMITED POWER! PURGE MY ENEMIES FROM THIS PLANE, FEL MAGIC! TREMBLE, MORTALS, AND DESPAIR! DOOM HAS COME TO THIS WORLD!

Hi, I’m your new party member. Let’s all get along, OK?

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Just Write: Month 7

All in all, not much done, but I’m not gonna beat myself up over it.

So I had lots of work.

There was lots of laziness.

My GM did an awesome reading of my story. (Check out his channel, too!)

After 6 months, my roleplaying group finally resumed my campaign.

And I only started on this on Friday night.

So how much DID I write?

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Authorial Intent: An Accounting For Taste

In the end, the author is the driver picking a road to follow.

Why are mutants (and Spider-Man) hated and feared but superheroes with equally destructive powers and emotional baggage are praised? Because the writers said so.

Why is the world miserable and grim, and everyone dedicated to making things worse? Because the writers said so.

Why did the protagonist find someone who just HAPPENED to be sympathetic to their goals, and why were they put into the ONE cage with a faulty lock? Because the writers said so.

Why does this story keep preaching about <insert political position you don’t like>? Because the writers said so.

Why does Jar Jar Binks exist in Star Wars? Because George Lucas said so.

So what’s up with that?

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