Return of The Write Stuff (Was Taken)

Also, what’s this? Fire Emblem: Three Houses has a waifu who’s kindly and devout? THAT’S MY JAM.

That’s right, folks. I’m back!

I can explain.

It was a computer issue and I didn’t really care enough to log in on the spare I was using.

A good explanation? Perhaps not. But it’s THE TRUTH!

But hey, hope you’re all doing good! So what’s been new?

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Just Write: Month 38, Week 1

So no, not much writing done in that time, because hey, procrastination! Buuuut also finishing Elden Ring.

Well, well, well, if it isn’t another late update!

But hey, good to see all of you again! Now let’s get down to business.

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Adaptations: Based On A True Fictional Story

What I’m saying is: Arthurian legends were the original Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Well, it’s past the end of the month, and that means it’s time for another (late) original post!

Which is based on fictional media, which is based on other existing fictional media, which is based on this play, which is based on this story, which is based on this legend, which is based on this natural phenomenon.

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Just Write: Month 37, Week 1.5

So yes, we’re back, and we’re a little late!

And while Elden Ring is the main culprit, I actually did get some writing done!

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Final Week Fables: A Lifetime

Despite how long those grudges burn, these two are untouched by its embers.

Whelp, SUPER late with this post which I should have gotten done last week!

But hey. Partly busy with work, partly just taking time to relax. That’s how it is.

However, I did have this story percolating in my head for a bit!

And what might it be?

Mum says I get to play with the doll next.

Well, here it is! Hope you enjoy it, ladies and gents!

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Just Write: Month 36, Week 3

Your progress can accelerate, or reach plateaus, or dips, just like life has highs and lows.

Oh hey, an update that’s only slightly delayed!

For…not much at all. But hey, I’m having fun with life!

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Just Write: Month 36, Week 2

Unlike Bloodborne which couldn’t have missed harder with me unless it was taking place in the modern real world.

Oh hey, a late update!

I can explain: Elden Ring.

I have explained.

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