Final Week Fables: A Tall Tale

The volume of even his inside voice bowled over a handful of the small barefoot things. The stench of his breath knocked out a few more.


This week, I was uninspired in my free time and busy in my work time. I really felt like I didn’t want to do any writing when I reached the weekend.

So, did I take my own advice and take a break, or did I stubbornly push myself past the point of reason to essentially write one short story in one night?

Shoulda taken that left turn at Albuquerque.

Well, why don’t you read it and decide for yourself how closely I took my own advice.

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Just Write: Month 3.5

To me, it’s alright to just acknowledge “You know what? It was a tough week. I could use a break.”

No, your eyes are not deceiving you, this is indeed another report on my progress for my personal writing to make use of a month with 5 weekends. Do not feel alarmed, my regularly scheduled RPG post will return next week.

…Nobody was alarmed because nobody reads?

…And anybody who happens to be looking at this will likely have no idea of my post schedule?

…Well, whatever!

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Just Write: Month 3

Some writers go in with the entirety of things in mind, sure, but others make it up as they go along with only a few signposts to guide them.

Well, it’s that time of the month where I actually sit down to do creative writing!

And also blog about it simply, giving me a break from having to think of a topic!

So, how much progress did I make towards my dream of becoming a successful author?

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Power Class: Telepathy

Professor X? More like BRO-fessor X.

You are thinking “Wow! Another blog post! This is awesome!”

…That’s not it? What about “I can’t believe this blog is still going on…”?

…You don’t even think about this blog at all?

…Well, clearly I am not a telepath. So why not read on and see what it REALLY is?

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Final Week Fables: Bookwyrm

“You’re…kind of a prideful wanker, aren’t you?”
“I’m a very large dragon with a very large library. I’ve earned it.”

And we’re back with this month’s short story! Because yes, The Write Stuff also sometimes writes stuff. It’s almost as if the name was picked deliberately!

So, the image which inspired this week’s story is:

Dragon Librarian.jpg
No, YOU tell him our books are overdue.

And as you can obviously see, credit for the picture belongs to Lindsey Burcar!

Yes, I am aware that a dragon is four-legged with wings, a wyvern is two-legged and uses its wings as forearms, and wyrms are essentially giant snakes. BUT I MUST ALWAYS HAVE A PUNNY TITLE. THAT WAS THE WHOLE POINT OF THIS BLOG.

So come, stay awhile and listen! …OK, read with your eyes, because you are viewing this online and using a different set of senses. Unless, of course, you transcribe this and convert it to text-to-speech…

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Fabletop: Role Play In Games

To be fair, most players act as if they have 6 Intelligence anyway.

WWYCD: What Would Your Character Do?

D&D and other tabletop RPGs can be boiled down to two things: The rules, and the writing. The crunch, and the fluff. The dice rolls, and the player roles.

Alright, that was multiple examples, but they all amount to the same pair! And today, I’ll be talking about the soul of the game: Roleplaying.

In other words, your old childhood games of playing pretend, only now with more MATH!

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Batman: A Study In Being Batly Written

But the simple truth is that in the real world, we want very little to do with people who are horribly flawed with no intention to fix themselves.

So I found Logan a brilliant-but-joyless-watch-once movie. I thought Bloodborne had no emotional resonance or coherent storytelling (or rather, had a hidden coherent story which it did not tell in a way that made you care). And I thought that Batman: White Knight was a hamfisted political agenda which required the universe to be warped in its “hero’s” favour. All of the above are widely held as masterpieces of fictional works.

What is the next opinion heresy I will commit as a nerd?

Captain America: Hail Hydra.

Simple: Flat out state that, handled poorly, Batman is a boring and unlikable character.

Now that my CLICKBAIT has your attention, proceed if you wish to hear one nerd’s opinion which is entirely personal and in no way represents objective fact!

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