Speculative Fiction: Alternate Universe Time Travel

After all, it’s kind of hard to sustain a villain of the week when your victory could accidentally erase a country.


Leeeeet’s do the tiiiiiime waaaaaaarp agaaaaaaiiiiiiiin!

Fun fact: This post will be written and posted at a point that will be in your past!

Fun fact: That fact was not fun at all.

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Anti-Heroes: On A Razor’s Edgelord

They’re the guys who’ll decisively travel back in time and kill baby Hitler.

Stories, sides, life. Things tend to be seen in black and white, evil and good, dark and light. It’s a distinction that lies in our most primal archetypes, a desire for epic scales and stakes, for the world to make sense.

And then there’s the reality of everything in-between. Those who aren’t wholly good, nor wholly bad. Those defined by the codes they reject as much as by the codes they hold. The grey. Fifty shades of…what do you mean I already used that title gag? That was a completely different topic!

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Logan: Les Miserables Masterpiece

I don’t feel hopeful that they’ll beat the odds and succeed; I feel resigned to their deaths, and think it’d be nice if they met it with dignity.

Logan does a lot right. Well-paced, good balance of action and emotion, very elegant conservation of information that is transmitted smoothly in a plot-relevant way, all of which are difficult to achieve in any film, let alone an action-fantasy. Does a lot for the comic book movie genre to bring more mature storylines to light, along with all the other ‘serious fan’ pontifications. Proves that good writing can transcend genres and categories, surpassing supposed restrictions with creative execution.

In fact, there’s only one thing it fails to do: Make me happy.

…WHAT? How can I be UNHAPPY with Logan? That’s like saying I enjoyed the Star Wars prequels! …Except wait, I DID enjoy the Star Wars prequels…

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Hogwarts’ Superschool Of Settings

What can we learn from barely competent teaching staff and poor hiring standards?

Class is once again in session! Yes, that idiom was to be expected. Yes,  you are fully allowed to cringe at me. Just as planned!

Today, I’ll be talking about a staple of fantastic settings and what we can learn from it: The SUPERSCHOOL! One highly popular example of a very involved setting.

Whether it’s an academy, the school, a magical order, or an alien police force, these are institutions built around the idea of collecting what we’d consider “special” and training it to perfection. From Xavier’s School For Gifted Youngsters to the Hogwarts School For Witchcraft And Wizardry, these have been a rich source for potential stories.

The main purpose of these, of course, is to teach superpowered individuals how to responsibly control and use their powers. Otherwise you’ll end up with all sorts of tragedy and collateral damage. Though the mission statement and end goals can vary, ultimately they’re about getting all that power in one place and getting it under control or awarded after rigorous training.

Ah, yes. That old nugget.

But what’s the deal with these schools? When’s something normal or not, and what’s the nuts and bolts behind it? What can we learn from barely competent teaching staff and poor hiring standards?

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A Legacy Of Flaming Heads And Leotards

What? No, they are not lazy writing or cheap writers reusing old material.

Disclaimer: All mentioned characters and used images are property of their respective creators!

Today, I’ll be talking about Legacy Characters! What? No, they are not lazy writing or cheap writers reusing old material.

In simple terms, a Legacy Character is a particular identity that is passed down from the original to a successor. This is more than just a simple reboot, reimagining, or alternate take (though successors can be any of those writing-wise): what makes Legacy Characters stand out is that their past, present and future incarnations are more closely, directly linked than simple reboots or revisits of the same creation.

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I Didn’t Vote For You

Now with cutting-edge IMAGE-O-GRAPHIC technology!

Disclaimer: All images and visuals used are the property of their respective owners. In this case, Lucasfilms!

Monty Python references! Now with cutting-edge IMAGE-O-GRAPHIC technology!

Today, I’m going to be talking about a staple: Unhelpful NPCs.

You know the type: The villagers are low on supplies and high on rampaging bandits. The mayors and police chiefs are outgunned, outmanned, outsmarted and outbought by the crime bosses. The Masters of the Hidden Order keep their deepest secrets out of your hands because of their sacred oaths. The Faction Bosses are too busy fighting each other to focus on the Really Bad Thing up ahead.


Pictured above: Accurate representation of your average NPCs.

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